Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Car Troubles, A Flooded Engine

"Of course, it's nothing serious, honey...just a flooded engine."
Original Art by Dan Reynolds

She drove her car a long way though the grass to drive the car into the ocean.  And why is there a plant on her head?  Her shoe is probably stuck in the mud, so that I understand.  But the biggest question is, why is there a phone booth in the middle of nowhere? Anyway, it is a funny postcard, and I think it is wonderful  :D

It is unused, and is from 2012.

This is from a great on-line postcard store called The Postcard Locker.

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ONeal said...

I love funny cartoon cards like this. It IS quite a coincidence that there just happened to be a pay phone right where she ended up in the water. Ha ha!