Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hampton Beach, New Hampshire (Such a Swell Place)

Air View of Hampton Beach, N. H. (New Hampshire)

The sender writes: I'm really enjoying myself.  The weather is swell but what cold water. -Betty

This is postmarked in 1948 with a one cent Washington stamp.
- - -
The Casino and band Stand, Hampton Beach, N. H.

The sender writes: having a swell time.  Haven't stopped much since Sunday. - Jeannette

This card is postmarked in 1940 with a one cent Washington stamp
- - -
Casino Ballroom, Ocean Boulevard, Hampton Beach, N. H.

The sender writes: Hello, I'm having a nice time, hope you are.  I am all sunburn and am I sore.  The water here is swell but it is cold. - Gert B.

This is postmarked in1945 with a one cent Washington stamp.

- - -
Yes, all three postcards are from different years and from different people, but they all have the same stamp and use the word swell.


luvlinens said...

I have the second one of those and I think it's swell... Would love to have the Casino Ballroom. It is even more swell... It is amazing how swell everything was back in those days. I have noticed that many times myself. I have even used the word swell several times on my blog for effect. I think maybe it is due a comeback. Let's promote things that are swell. That should be fun for awhile.

Brenda Perez said...

I think that is a swell idea!