Monday, August 4, 2014

Keskiyon Aurinko, Midnight Sun in Finland

 Keskiyon Aurinko
Midnight Sun

This is postmarked in 2014 with a Finland stamp.

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The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the summer months in places north of the Arctic Circle or south of the Antarctic Circle, when the sun remains visible at the local midnight. Around the summer solstice (approximately June 21 in the north and December 22 in the south) with good weather, the sun is visible for the full 24 hours. The number of days per year with potential midnight sun increases the farther towards either pole one goes.

A quarter of Finland's territory lies north of the Arctic Circle and at the country's northernmost point the sun does not set at all for 60 days during summer.
Finland stamp 2014
Old Castles 1 LK KL
Kastelholm Castle
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Kastelholm Castle is a Swedish-built medieval castle located in Sund, Ă…land, Finland.  
It was built in the 14th century. 


Kristin aka Trekkie Gal said...

Almost 24 hour daylight in the summer, and next to none in the winter. No thank you! :)

Brenda Perez said...

To live there, I agree, but I would LOVE to see the midnight sun at least once.