Monday, August 18, 2014

Zhi-wua-gka Ceremony in China

 Zhi-wua-gka Ceremony Held by Yonging Daba (Wizard)
All the ceremonies are held on the grassland.  In the picture, Daba is holding Zhi-wua-gka (burning demons) ceremony in front of Lamasery.
This ceremony is same as others, which are always ended in Daba getting drunk.

The postcard has writing on the back and a stamp, but was mailed inside an envelope in 2014.

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I have two questions about this postcard:

1. The Lamasery (Yohghe Temple) is in Beijing, China.  This location looks like it is in Tibet.  I only found one other image of this ceremony and it is this same postcard sent to someone else and the sender in that case wrote that it was in Tibet.  So where is this location?

2. Buddhists are supposed to refrain from any intoxicants, including alcoholic beverages.  So why would there be a ceremony where the person leading it gets drunk?

China stamp 2002
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