Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Meet Your Navy - Radio Program

Hear "Meet Your Navy" Every Saturday Night Blue Network Coast to Coast

"Meet Your Navy," the famous all-Navy half-hour variety show of the air, is one of the nation's favorite servicemen's radio programs.  A total of 275 bluejackets, either fresh from the battlefronts or soon to go, make up the cast for each program.  There's the great "Meet Your Navy" choir of 200 voices, a splendid orchestra comprised of bluejacket instrumentalists from the best "name" bands of the country, as well as talented bluejacket soloists, actors and announcers.  "Meet Your Navy" is broadcast every Saturday night from the U.S. Naval training Center at Great Lakes, Illinois.  Tune in regularly!

The sender of the postcard writes, "I Have sung four times on the air so far, once on Blue on NBC which was a world wide broadcast. A week ago I had the solo in  'The King of Love my Shepherd is', it was truly a thrill as I had the full chorus and orchestra background."

The card is signed by Jack and he was in the Navy so there is no stamp, it is marked "free". - postmarked in 1945


Postcardy said...

Great card! I never heard of the program before.

Brenda Perez said...

Thanks - I'm guessing it's a little before your time ;-)