Sunday, March 22, 2015

An Advertising Postcard Filled with Chili Pepper Seeds

Mainospussit ovat mainio postitettava jakotuote, joka ilahduttaa saajaansa.
Kotimainen tuote!
Saatavana mm. erilaisilla siemenilla, mausteilla, makeisilla, ksylitolipurukumeila jne.
Pussien koot 6X50 ...
Pyyda tarjous!

Translation from Finnish:
Advertisement bags are a great division posted a product that delights the recipient.
Domestic product!
Available in mm. various seed spices, sweets, xylitol chewing gum etc.
Bags sizes 6x50 ...
Request a quote!

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This Finland advertising postcard is filled with chili pepper seeds.  It is from 2014.

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Chilipaprika (The paprika is) Cayenne Long Slim (Cayenne Pepper)

Here is the back of the postcard...

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