Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Three Exaggeration Postcards from William H. Martin

Colo. (Colorado) is the place we grow large cabbage.
Photograph 1908 by W. H. Martin C. 

This is a real photo, exaggeration postcard.

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William H. Martin was a photographer and successful postcard manufacturer in the early 1900s. In 1894, Martin took over a studio in Ottawa, Kansas. He used photocomposited trick photography and, in 1908, produced wildly exaggerated postcards for commercial trade. His range of cards were so popular that he went into the postcard business exclusively. Within a few years, his trick photos made him wealthy.

- - -

Here are two more of his postcards....
Island of Big Corn

Copyright 1909 by Martin Post Card Co.  (WIlliam H. Martin)
- - -
So easy. Put salt on their tails.
Photograph 1909 by WIlliam H. Martin

This rabbit postcard was published by The North American Post Card Co., Kansas city, U.S.A.

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