Saturday, March 12, 2016

Cayucos Sea Glass Festival, Mermaids in March

 Cayucos Sea Glass Festival
March 12 - 13, 2016
great food! live music! at the base of the pier!

Don't miss our handcrafted mermaids!
seaglass is also known as "mermaid tears"

Mermaids in March
All Month Throughout Town

Printed on the back (it is in handwriting, not type, but it is pre-printed):

Greetings from California's beautiful central coast -
Sea Glass Festivals are always looked forward to each year because I get to see old friends and beach bums.  Get to check out all of the neat and so cool sea glass jewelry, eat fish tacos and enjoy the great music.
But what I'm really excited about this year is that we have a new pier!
The old pier was originally built in 1872 by Capt. James Cass, the founder of this town.  On July 5th 2013 it was discovered to be unsafe and it was closed.  After many dollars were raised through donations, a four million dollar restoration project began a few months later.

On October 31st they did a big ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially re-open the pier.  I rolled a hand truck loaded with broken glass out to the end of the pier and dumped it over the side... man, the way that people reacted - I may have just as well thrown a few gunny sacks full of puppies into the sea.  Right before I was about to be hand cuffed by some California State Parks guy the mayor came to my aid.  This town's mayor was crowned miss Sea Glass Festival at the very first Sea Glass Festival five years ago.  She remembered me as being a tireless volunteer and all-round nice guy.  It helped too when it was explained that all of that broken glass had done time in an old cement mixer to ensure that all sharp edges had been removed.

Life's a Beach,

Steve Howell
Postcard Collector

This postcard is postmarked in 2015 with 4 vintage postage stamps.
Franklin D.Roosevelt
Hyde Park, 1 cent
- - - 
USA stamp 1977
Americana Issue
The Ability To Write
A Root of Democracy
1 cent
- - - 
USA stamp 1981
Omnibus 1880's
1 cent
- - - 
USA stamp 1995
Children Sledding
32 cents

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