Friday, March 11, 2016

El Yunque, Caribbean National Forest, in Puerto Rico

El Yunque National Forest

Cascada La Mina (La Mina Falls) drops over 35 feet through a jumble of huge rocks and into a refreshing pool where hikers can choose to swim in the 60-degree waters or merely rest and enjoy the view. 

Photo: J. Scott Graham

This postcard is postmarked in 2015.

The sender writes:
We took a two and a half hour hiking tour thru the El Yunque Rain Forest.  Definitely the highlight of our trip.  Truly gorgeous! 

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El Yunque National Forest, formerly known as the Luquillo National Forest and the Caribbean National Forest, is the only tropical rain forest in the United States National Forest System.  It is located on the slopes of the Sierra de Luquillo mountains in Puerto Rico and encompasses 28,000 acres (43.753 mi2 or 113.32 km2) of land. 

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Here is a postcard with it was called the Caribbean National Forest....
La Mina Falls
Caribbean National Forest
Puerto Rico

El Yunque
One of the best hiking trails in El Yunque, the Caribbean National Forest, has been carefully marked by forest rangers.  The trail, which combines La Mina and Big Tree Trail, takes 2 hours round trip and ends up at La Mina waterfall.  Visitors take an after lunch swim in the refreshing pool.

Photo: George Collazo

This postcard is postmarked in 2015.

The sender writes:
This rainforest was so beautiful!   We took pictures in front of the fall. 

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