Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Balloon Express in Florence, Italy

Firenze, 1992 - 2012
Balloon Express
Cavalcata dei Magi, Cattedrale Santa Maria del Fiore di Firenze
Umberto Visitini / New Press Photo

(translation from an on-line translator - -
Cavalcade of the Magi, Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, Italy)

The sender writes:

This is a collector's commemorative postcard celebrating 10 year anniversary of the most unique ballon shops in the world.

This postcard is postmarked in 2016.

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The Cavalcade of Magi is a traditional parade of the Magi. They ride through the streets, as their page boys throw candies to children.

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I started looking on line at all the different balloon activities and there are MANY!  I had no idea.  There is even a World Balloon Convention every year.  The sculptures are amazing.  However, it seams none of the artists are good at taking videos, so there are none worthy to share here.

If you are interested is seeing some of the balloon art though, I highly recommend you do a computer search for large balloon sculptures.  Beware, it is a bit of a time killer though once you start.  I ended up looking at videos and pictures for far much more time than I care to admit to.
USA stamp 2015
Black Heritage
Robert Robinson Taylor
Forever a first class stamp
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Robert Robinson Taylor (June 8, 1868 – December 13, 1942) was an American architect; by some accounts the first accredited African-American architect. He was also the first African-American student enrolled at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1888. 

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