Tuesday, April 26, 2016

National Postcard Week 1998, Giblet People (Playing With Your Food)

National Postcard Week 1998
Giblet People

Laurel Kane:
Beef Liver and Tripe, Turkey Gizzards, Liver and Neck, Eyes and Ribbon

Ralph Muscarella:
Beef Sweetbreads and Tripe, Chicken Gizzards, Heart, Liver, Turkey Neck

Photo by Donna Muscarella

This very unique food card goes to prove that you can find just about ANYTHING on a postcard!  It is postmarked in 1998 with a 20 cent ballooning stamp.
USA stamp 1983
Hot Air Ballooning 20 c


Postcardy said...

Not very appetizing...

Brenda 9teen87 said...

hahahaha so true!!