Friday, March 10, 2017

Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman
Conductor of the Underground Railroad
Inspiration to freedom-seekers everywhere

David Fichter, pastel.  SCW 2015

Born into slavery in Maryland about 1820, Harriet Tubman escaped and became the most famous "conductor" on the Underground Railroad, leading over 300 enslaved people to freedom.

This postcard is postmarked in 2016.

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Harriet Tubman (born Araminta Ross; c. 1822 – March 10, 1913) was an African-American abolitionist, humanitarian, and, during the American Civil War, a Union spy.

Born into slavery, Tubman escaped in 1849 and escaped to Philadelphia, then immediately returned to Maryland to rescue her family. Slowly, one group at a time, she brought relatives with her out of the state, and eventually guided dozens of other slaves to freedom. Traveling by night and in extreme secrecy, Tubman (or "Moses", as she was called) "never lost a passenger". Her actions made slave owners anxious and angry, and they posted rewards for her capture.
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