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Bingham-Waggoner Estate in Missouri

Bingham-Waggoner Estate
Independence, Missouri

The estate was the home of Missouri artist George Caleb Bingham (1864-1870) and the W.H. Waggoner family (1879-1977).  The nineteen acre estate is located on the 1846 alignment of the Santa Fe road as it left from the Independence public square.  
Bingham-Waggoner Historical Society

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Here is one more postcard from this estate...
Bingham-Waggoner Estate
313 W. Pacific
Independence, Missouri

The music room is located in the circa 1855 section of the mansion and has been restored to its turn-of-the century appearance.  Canvasses from W.H. Waggoner's collection of late nineteenth century oil paintings are among the original furnishings.  The home was the residence of Missouri artist George Caleb Bingham, (1864-1870) and the W.H. Waggoner family (1879-1977).
Bingham-Waggoner Historical Society: Independence, Missouri

Both of these postcards were printed in 1985.

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From their website:
In the early settlement days, before established roads were laid out, the estate grounds were considered a "short-cut" on the road that was later to become part of the "Santa Fe Trail".

Because of this high-traffic location the property had many owners between 1827 and 1878. Some hoping to make a living from outfitting the covered wagon trains, others were apparently just real-estate speculators.

Some of the owners played a significant role in the establishment of this area and the West. They became prominent businessmen, helping to found other communities and the beginnings of the Pony Express.

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