Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Loreley Statue by St. Goarshausen, Germany

The Loreley
by Heinrich Heine

I wonder why I am so weary,
What's making me so depressed,
It must be the tale old and dreary,
That's keeping my mind quite obsessed.

The air is cool, night is sinking,
And quietly's flowing the Rhine,
The tops of the mountains are blinking,
In purple-red sun-setting shine.

There's siting high up in the light
A maiden so beautiful, fair
Her jewels are glistening bright
She combs her gold shimmering hair.

Her comb is of most precious gold,
She's combing and singing so sweet
Bewitching young fishers and old
Their hearts start to quiver and beat.

There's a man in his boat on the river,
He cannot but listen and stare,
A longing is making him shiver,
Look out, the rocks' ledge, oh beware!

I fear there's a crash, the boat sinking,
The man will be swallowed and gone,
And that with melodious singing
The Loreley will have done.

The Rhine - The Loreley near St. Goarshausen

Der Mittelrhein erstreckt sich zwischen Bingen/Rüdesheim und Bonn.  Seit 2002 ist das obere Mitteiheintal von Bingen/Rüdesheim bis Koblenz UNESCO-Welterbe.

The Middle Rhine extends between Bingen / Rüdesheim and Bonn.  Since 2002, the upper Mitteiheintal from Bingen / Rüdesheim to Koblenz is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This postcard was postmarked from Germany in 2017 with the signatures of 10 members of Postcrossing from a meet-up.

Germany (Deutschland) stamp 2017
Classic Cars
Opel Manta A, 1970-75

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