Thursday, September 10, 2009

Amir Timur - Uzbekistan

Amir Timur 1336 - 1405

postmarked in 2009 with two Uzbekistan stamps

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Amir Timur (Temur the Great) (1336-1405) was a man of a complex, multi-faceted personality. He forged his own destiny and became a prominent historical figure.

It was near Samarkand, in the town of Kesh, (in Uzbekistan) which later was given the name Shakhrisabz, where in 1336 to the chief of a small tribe was born a son.

The boy was named Temur. The wounding of his right leg by an arrow made him lame. That is why he is known as "Lame Temur" or "Tamerlane" in English.

From his youth he appeared on the political scene as an active politician and military figure. Having become the ruler of Samarkand he built a great army and carried on many annexationist campaigns.

Tamerlane made an outstanding contribution to the national state system, education and culture, and general development of his state. He promoted the construction of monumental historic buildings, especially in Samarkand. Some of them can be seen today.

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