Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Famous Chinese Painting: Fu Boashi

Appreciation of Famous Chinese Paintings: Fu Baoshi

Postmarked in 2009 with 4 China stamps - all for 1.20

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The sender writes that these are famous characters from Chinese literature of three poets and a monk. They are discussing if human life is too short and meaningless compared with the universe. The conclusion they drew is that we are not different from any other thing in the universe, wind, mountain, river and human are all something. So we have to treasure everything and every moment in our life.

The Artist:
Credited with revolutionizing Chinese ink painting, Fu Baoshi (1904-1965) is considered one of the most important Chinese artists of the last century. From an apprentice in a painting shop to an art-history student in Japan, and later an diligent artist who traveled all over China to capture the country's landscape, forming his own style based on traditional artistry, Fu Baoshi continued his quest for artistic adventure throughout his life.

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fiuman said...

Thank you for pre-stamped postcards. During this week I will send you postcards from Croatia.
Best regards Dragan