Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wonders of America USPS - Tallest Cactus

Tallest Cactus, Saguaro

The saguaro cactus, symbol of the American Southwest, can grow taller than a five-story building. One record-breaking specimen in Arizona reached a height of nearly 60 feet. A saguaro grows slowly; a ten-year-old plant may be less than 6 inches high.

From the Set:
Wonders of America
Coloring Postcards

10 Jumbo Postcards - 10 Commemorative Stamps
The biggest reptile, the largest glacier, the tallest cactus and more .... have fun learning about them in postcards. Each card features art from the exciting new USPS Wonders of America Stamps. Color the postcards, and use the matching stamps enclosed to mail them to friends!

unused, has matching stamp attached to back - from 2006

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