Monday, March 28, 2011

Lieutenant at Dinglewood Pharmacy in Columbus, Georgia

Lieutenant at Dinglewood Pharmacy

Lieutenant is an icon at Dinglewood lunch counter located at 1939 Wynnton Road.  He has been serving his world famous scrambled dog dish for more that 58 years.  

Roseanne Marie, Artist.  

the sender writes:

Lieutenant is pretty famous here! (Columbus, Georgia) There's a story that an army couple loved his scrambled dogs so much that they ordered a crate to be delivered to their wedding reception after they were transferred to a German base!  He was also featured in Southern Living once.  He's a pretty great guy to boot.

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I found out what a scrambled dog was:
A hot dog that is sliced up and buried in chili then covered with cheese, onions, pickles and oyster crackers. Then you add some ketchup and mustard over the top if you wish.

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Chris Overstreet said...

Haven't had one of those, but it sounds better than the standard Georgia "hot dog with everything." Around here, if you order a dog or burger with everything, it will have cole slaw on it.