Saturday, March 26, 2011

Veitshochheim in Bavaria, Germany

Schones Veitshochheim (Beautiful Veitschochheim)

Deutschland ist schon - wir zeigen es! (Germany is beautiful - we show it!)

postmarked in 2011 with a Germany stamp

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Veitshöchheim is a municipality in the district of Würzburg, in Bavaria, Germany.

 In the town is Schloss Veitshöchheim; (photo in the center of the postcard) this summer palace of the Prince-Bishops of Würzburg was built in 1680-82, and was enlarged to its present appearance in 1753 by Balthasar Neumann. The gardens were redesigned for Prince-Bishop Adam Friedrich von Seinsheim (1755–1779), with lakes and waterworks, and filled with hundreds of sandstone sculptures.


Aritha said...

Germany, our neighbor, is indeed a very beautiful country. They have mountains (Netherlands not) Ilike the card very much. Maybe once we go on holiday yhere... But this year Belgium is our favorite holiday country.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, i live in Bavaria also and Veitshöchheim is espacially famous for their carnival. Once in the year they have the greates "Prunksitzung" (like its called here) in franconia. It means, that all the famous politicans and other famous people of Bavaria and even from some other germans parts are here and lots of comedians and cabaret artist making fun of them about what they've done and said the last year. Especially the President of Bavaria is a favored target. Its pretty funny :)

9teen87 said...

that sounds like fun! Thank you for sharing :D