Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Elvis Presley Mug Shots

Elvis Presley 1970's Mug Shot

unused, bought in 2011

Stories I found online about this mug shot of Elvis:

Date Arrested: 1956
Charges: assault

The Story:
Memphis filling station manager who accused Elvis of assaulting him on October 18, 1956. According to witnesses, Elvis stopped by the station drawing a crowd which prompted Hopper to ask Elvis to leave. Hopper then hit Elvis in the back of the head. A fight broke between the two, and the attendant, Aubrey Brown, jumped in. Both men were fired and Elvis was cleared of all charges.  (This can't be it, his hair is from the 1970's)

The photos were taken when Elvis was in Washington DC visiting the FBI headquarters.  In some reports, the photos were taken as part of the tour, perhaps as a souvenir; in other reports, the photos were to be used for Elvis's Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs "Special Assistant" badge that he obtained from Nixon on December 21, 1970.  The photos were probably taken when he returned to Washington on December 30 and toured the FBI building.  However, there are obvious problems with the latter claim.  If the photos were to be used in any offical capacity, Elvis would not have worn his glasses.  And if the photos were actually mug shots, certainly the glasses would also have been removed.  (There is no claim that Elvis was arrested during this time period, and his appearance clearly tells us the photos were taken in the early 70s.)  The "T70" could refer to the year 1970, but again, I think mug shots include more specific information pertaining to the arrest.

Finally, the photo used for the BNDD badge is not this photo, so again, the claim that this photo was to be used for the badge don't seem reasonable.

Elvis Presley -1970 Memphis. This photo was taken just for fun. Elvis was a law enforcement nut!


Gunter said...

These shots were indeed taken just for fun in november 1970 at the Dendver Police HQ.
Follow this link:

9teen87 said...

fantastic link!! thank you for posting it