Friday, September 9, 2011

Le Come Back (Music and Lyrics) Hugh Grand and Drew Barrymore

 Le Come Back
(Music and Lyrics is the name of the movie in English)

A la recherche de la nouvelle gloire
(Looking for new glory)

Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore

postmarked in 2011 with three stamps from France, one of the FIFA 2010 World Cup and two yellow stamps for 0,01

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Music and Lyrics is a 2007 American romantic comedy film written and directed by Marc Lawrence. It focuses on the relationship that evolves between a former pop music idol (of the fictional band PoP!, similar to Wham! and Duran Duran) and an aspiring writer as they struggle to compose a song for the reigning pop diva.

The film opened on February 9, 2007 in the United Kingdom and Ireland and ranked #1 at the box office, grossing £1.93 million in its first weekend. It was released on 2,955 screens in the United States and Canada on February 14 and grossed $13,623,630 on its opening weekend, ranking #4 at the box office.


Lufra@Leisure said...

This movie made me laugh a lot :D

9teen87 said...

I liked it too, I was very happy to receive this postcard in French!!