Thursday, September 22, 2011

Port-au-Prince, Haite, La rue du Mexique (Rue Traversiere)

 Republique d'Haiti - Port-au-Prince - La rue du Mexique (Mexico Street)
a few words on the sign to the right are ..  champagne... rue du Mexique ... Emm Beauduy

(This street name was changed to - Rue Traversiere)

postmarked in 1936 with a Haiti stamp (although the postcard is much older than that, I'd put it around 1915)

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I was trying to find information about the building in the center and found this:
By presidential order dated May 11, 2010, the Market Hyppolite was listed as National Heritage, following a request from the Institute of Heritage Preservation National (ISPAN), supported by the Ministry of Culture and communication.

Since March 2010, construction began on the restoration of the Market Hyppolite, the north hall was demolished by fire in May 2008 and its central building severely damaged by the earthquake of January 12, 2010.

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