Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nuussuaq, Greenland

the sender writes:
This postcard is from Nuuk, Greenland.  In the foreground you can see Nuussuaq (Nuuk itself is not on the card), Nuussuaq is a suburb to Nuuk which has about 15,000 inhabitants.  Nuuk is the capital of Greenland, the largest island in the world.  In the background you can see Sermitsiaq (Saddle Mountain).  It is about 3,970 feet tall.

postmarked in 2009 with two Greenland stamps
Kalaallit Nunaat
Gronland (Greenland) stamp from 2008
Halkieria evangelista
Halkieria is a genus of fossil organisms from the Lower to Middle Cambrian. It has been found on almost every continent in Lower to Mid Cambrian deposits, forming a large component of the small shelly fossil assemblages. The best known species is Halkieria evangelista, from the North Greenland Sirius Passet Lagerst├Ątte in which complete specimens were collected on an expedition in 1989. 
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Kalaallit Nunaat
Gronland (Greenland) stamp from 2008
Polar Bear and Native

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