Sunday, January 29, 2012

Price is Right Contest Entry on an Orlando Bank Postcard

Orlando Federal Savings and Loan Association
Main Street at Livingston
Orlando, Florida

postmarked in 1956 with a 2 cent Jefferson stamp 

this postcard is sent to:
The Dining Room Show Case
The Price is Right
Box 142
New York City, New York

Someone sent in their address with a guess at a price for something. Looks like they were entering a contest.  How this postcard got out on the market is beyond me!  (I bought it on-line for $4.48) 


Postcardy said...

I have always wondered how many and how postcards from the contests ended up in postcard collectors' hands. I have some postcards from the Price is Right and similar contests. They all were bought in the same lot from an auction in Barr's many years ago. My cards were all advertising. I think people liked to use free cards for their contest entries.

Postcardy said...

P. S. Here is one sent to Cadillac Showcase that I posted on my blog:

Labor Posters said...

The price is right contest is an awesome game show here in my country how about when i join and registered for this game in your country. Is there a chance to win the postcard?

9teen87 said...

Hello Labor Posters,

This card is from my personal collection, so sorry, but you can not win this card. However, I do have a monthly contest in the top right hand corner of my blog where you can win 10 unused postcards.

Good luck!!