Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hindenburg Postcard from the Rubber City Stamp Club

This souvenir Post Card of the rigid airship "Hindenburg" comes to you from the 50th anniversary exhibition of the 'Rubber City Stamp Club', Akron, Ohio
From a photograph in the files of the Akron  Becon Journal

This airship (Zeppelin Company Design Nation LZ-129) was first launched March 4, 1936, and made several scheduled commercial flights from Friedrichshsafen and Frankfurt to Lakehurst and Rio de Janeiro.  The last trip ended at Lakehurst on May 6, 1937 when fire completely destroyed it just as it was landing.  Thirteen of 36 passengers and 22 of 61 crew, together with one ground crewman were lost.

Dimensions were:
Length - 825 ft. (Lehmann)
Maximum Diameter - 137 ft.
Gas Volume - 190,000 Cu. Meters

(This card is seventh in a series)

unused - printed in 1969

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