Monday, May 7, 2012

My Yellow Bike with Flowers for National Postcard Week 2012

Happy National Postcard Week
May 6-12, 2012
Photo by (me!) - 9teen87s Postcards

Here is the back of the postcard..
A Bicycle can't stand on its own . . . because it is Two-Tired.


O'Neal said...

Good job on the card. Looks great! I didn't know anything about National Postcard Week. And "two tired", ha ha!

9teen87 said...

Here is a little information about National Postcard Week....

This is my third year making a card and swapping. It is a lot of fun, you should try it next year.

O'Neal said...

Thanks for the link. Pretty informative. It does sound like fun. If I can come up with an idea for a card, I'll give it a spin!