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John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois

Did you know? 
John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, opened in 1929, is the 2nd largest indoor aquarium in the world, with 5 million gallons of water and 20,000 fish.  The aquarium gets 2 million annual visits and contains 8,000 animals of 650 species including Beluga whales, sea otters, seals and dolphins. 

In 1933, Chicago hosted its second World's Fair, during which, a Queensland Lungfish known as "Grandpa" was added to it's collection.  Still alive, Grandpa is thought  to be the oldest fish in a public aquarium. 

In 1971, Shedd Aquarium added one of its most popular exhibits, a massive 90,000-gallon tank reproducing a Caribbean coral reef. 

The equally popular "Wild Reef" shark tank, opened in 2003, contains 4000,000 gallons of water and attempts to recreate a Philippine coral reef based on the Apo Island Marine Reserve.

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Aerial View of Oceanarium
Called the World's Aquarium, Shedd opened its doors in 1930 and is one of the oldest public aquariums in the United States.  It is committed to enhancing public understanding and appreciation of the aquatic world.

Photographer - Edward G. Lines Jr.

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Here are a few fishy postcards from Shedd (all of them are postmarked in 2011) .....

Fabulous and rare, sea dragons are fantasies come to life.  Their domain is off the coast of Southern Australia, where cool kelp forests and colorful sponge gardens grow on rocky underwater cliffs.
Jellies, discover the intriguing ways these pulsing, translucent animals survive - and thrive - in the world's oceans.


Eight sucker-covered arms, two keen eyes and a baggy red body add up to an octopus.  These boneless creatures are actually quite shy; when frightened, they change color to blend into the scenery or jet away in a cloud of ink.

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