Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Belgium, Antwerpen (Antwerp) L'Hotel de Ville (City/Town Hall)

 Anvers - L'Hotel de Ville (French -  Antwerp - The City Hall)
Antwerpen - Het Stadhuis (Dutch - Antwerp - The Town Hall)

postmarked in 1946 with a Belgium 'Lion with Crown' (Small State Arm/Weapon) 1 f  stamp

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The City Hall of Antwerp:

In the 16th century, the municipal authorities proposed to replace Antwerp's small medieval town hall with a more imposing structure befitting the prosperity of the great port city. But an atmosphere of war prevented any progress on the project. The building material intended for the city hall was instead used to shore up the city defenses. Not until about 1560 were new plans developed, but meanwhile Gothic architecture was no longer fashionable, so this time the new town hall was designed in the new Renaissance style. Completed in 1565, the building lasted hardly a decade before being burnt to a shell in the Spanish Fury of 1576. It was repaired three years later.

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