Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tahiti, French Polynesia - The Intercontinental Resort

Voyage vers le Sud (Travel to the South)

Vue Polynesie (View Polynesia) - InterContinental Resort Tahiti

postmarked in 2012 with a French Polynesia stamp

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The hotel features private beach, two pools, tennis courts, and 30 acres of private gardens. Plus, Papeete’s museums, shops, galleries, market, and nightclubs are just a short distance away.  

Facing the sister island of Moorea, 12 miles away, the hotel will offer you unique views of unforgettable sunsets. You can also have a unique experience in an overwater bungalow. (You can see the roofs of the bungalows in the postcard).
French Polynesia stamp 2011
50e Anniversaire de Perle de Tahiti (50th Anniversary of Pearl of Tahiti) 140 f
Photo: Frederic Payet

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