Friday, December 28, 2012

50,000 Silver Dollar Bar in Montana

50,000 Silver $ Bar

The largest collection of its kind is displayed in this unique bar in Western Montana.  This 50,00 plus Silver Dollar collection was started by Gerry and Marie Lincoln.  Now in their fourth generation, the Lincoln family continues the Silver Dollar collection.  People from all over the world have their names inscribed.  Over $2,500 are embedded in the bar top with the remainder graciously adorning the surrounding walls.  The total facility includes a restaurant, motel, gas station, convenience store, and Montana's largest gift shop.

the sender writes:

I really enjoy finding oddball and unique sights on my trips, and this place definitely fit the bill.  It was quite an impressive display to see in person!  The coins cover ALL the surrounding walls, not just the walls in the photo.

postmarked in 2012 with three wonderful vintage stamps portraying coins!


USA - Stamps from 1975, Banking and Commerce, 10 c 

USA - Stamp from 1978, 1877 Indian Head Penny 13 c


ONeal said...

Awesome card, awesome stamps, awesome sender! ;)

9teen87 said...

haha! anyone who would send such a great card with such great stamps has to have a few good qualities, so yes, all three statements must be true :D

ONeal said...

Aww, thanks! The card looks great on the blog! Fun to see it there.