Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Harland and Wolf and the Titanic Mural in East Belfast, Ireland

Titanic Mural, East Belfast
Celebrating Belfast's great shipbuilding tradition.

The shipyard that was to become Harland and Wolff (The RMS Titanic launched in 1911) was established in 1861.  During its history it has built more than 1,700 ships and at its peak in the 1950's employed about 35,000 people.  One of its busiest times was during the second world war when it produced 140 naval ships and 140 for the merchant service.  This works out at about one ship a week.  

This unused postcard is from 2012 and was published in Ireland by John Hinde Ltd.

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Harland & Wolff Heavy Industries is a Northern Irish heavy industrial company, specializing in shipbuilding and offshore construction, located in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The shipyard has built many ships; among the more famous are the White Star trio Olympic, Titanic and Britannic, the Royal Navy's HMS Belfast, Royal Mail's Andes, Shaw Savill's Southern Cross and P&O's Canberra.

As of 2011, the expanding offshore wind power industry has taken centre stage and 75% of the company's work is based on offshore renewable energy.


O'Neal said...

I love murals on buildings. And wow, what a historic event for a company to be tied to forever.

9teen87 said...

I love Titanic postcard! Anything to do with it. When this one came my jaw dropped I was so happy :D

Johan Ockerman said...

Superb postcard !

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Hello Johan,

I just saw your titanic posts! You have some nice cards too. :D

O'Neal said...

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I'm glad you like it :D
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