Friday, December 21, 2012

Camel and Rider - Typical Scene of M'Hamid, Morocco

Marruecos Tipico
Typical Morocco

Meharistas de M'Hamid
Meharistes of M'Hamid

postmarked in 1979 with two Morocco (Royaume Du Maroc) stamps featuring old currency

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Mehariste is a French word that roughly translates to camel cavalry.

M'Hamid is a small village in Zagora region of Morocco, one of the two places in Morocco where Sahara begins (another is Merzouga). M'Hamid gets fewer visitors than Merzouga and is arguably more "authentic."  It is "The end of the road" (the last point of The route national N°9), after it is only sands of Sahara, shepherds and caravan trails.

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