Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Calendar Postcards from French Polynesia

Tahiti et les Iles (Tahiti and her islands)

Vues de Polynesie (View of Polynesia)
Calendrier 2013 (Calendar 2013)


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Tahiti et ses Iles  (Tahiti and Her Islands)
January - Tahiti
February - Tetiaroa
March - Moorea
April - Rangiroa
May - Rangiroa
June - Rangiroa
July - Tahiti
August - Maupiti
September - Rangiroa
October - Bora Bora
November - Tetiaroa
December - Rangiroa

Vues de Polynesie (View of Polynesia)
Calendrier 2012 (Calendar 2012)


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ONeal said...

Oh my! Those pictures look so inviting...Hey, did you know that in most of Europe and Asia, the calendar's first day of the week is Monday, not Sunday?