Friday, January 25, 2013

Wedding Cake House in Kennebunk, Maine

Wedding Cake House With Frosting
Kennebunk, Maine

A cabinetmaker, George Bournes, gave this house to his bride in 1826.  The house has recently been restored to its former splendor.

Photo by John Alderson

postmarked in 2012 with a USA 32 cent 'Aloha' stamp

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Called the "most photographed house in the state" of Maine, the Wedding Cake House, known formally as the George W. Bourne House, is a historic house located at 104 Summer Street in Kennebunk, Maine. The home was built in 1825 by George W. Bourne (1801–1856), who later built a frame barn which he connected to the main house with a carriage house. In 1852, the barn caught fire and the carriage house was demolished to keep the fire from spreading to the house. Bourne, who during a European tour had been impressed by the Gothic beauty of the cathedral at Milan, rebuilt the carriage house and barn in what later came to be known as Carpenter Gothic style. Using hand tools, he crafted five buttresses with pinnacles on top of each. Then in order to tie the new structures in with the existing house, he added six buttresses with pinnacles to the house and then joined them together with intricate woodwork. His only help in doing this was Thomas Durrell, an apprentice ship's carpenter. Bourne spent the rest of his life adding to these embellishments.


ONeal said...

Wouldn't it be the coolest wedding cake house ever, if it had a giant-sized bride and groom standing on top?!

9teen87 said...

hahaha! so true!