Saturday, January 12, 2013

Landscapes of Ireland

The unique beauty of Ireland's landscape and its rich historic literary and artistic associations have long made it a favourite resort for tourists.  Encompassing a wealth of natural beauty within its modest dimensions, Ireland boasts a landscape which is as much diverse as it is gratifying  The scenic grandeur is set off by Ireland's position.  Standing in the path of both the prevailing westerly winds of the Atlantic and the warming currents of the Gulf Stream, Ireland enjoys an equable climate which gives the country its unique fresh appearance.

postmarked in 2012 from Ireland


viridian said...

The bits of landscape all photo-stitched together was weird to behold. Ireland is beautiful however.
Stopping by from Sunday Stamps.

9teen87 said...

That is one of the things that I like about this card. You have to look at it a bit to take it all in. I have not been to Ireland yet. My husband has though.