Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Celebrate 30 Years of National Postcard Week

Celebrate 30 Years
NCPW (NPCW) 30 May 5-13 (should read 11th) ,2013

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Stress Free Hours!
from Jackie

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NPCW began as a way for sellers and collectors to promote the hobby of postcard collecting.

Some of those Pioneers were DeeDee Parker of Western Reserve Post Card Society, John McClintock, Roy Cox and Richard Novick. An excerpt from the IFPD Newsletter of March 1, 1983 written by John McClintock. " For the past year we have been working on a Postcard Day, Week or Month to help promote the hobby/business. DeeDee Parker graciously accepted the task of correlating the thoughts of the postcard collectors/dealers in the matter. It seems the majority wishes to have a Postcard Week and that it be held the First full week of May. This will be a lot of fun and insure perpetuation of the hobby in the future.


ONeal said...

Cool card this, and others at the National Postcard Week site. It always amazes and impresses me at how creative and artistic people can be.

9teen87 said...

I hope to see your name next year on the list of people who make a card. It is easy and fun!

ONeal said...

Oh geez, I'm so not creative or imaginative or artistic. Since I have a year to think about it, I'll see what I can come up with.