Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Same Shack in California and Florida??

$5 Million California Oceanfront Home
*boat not included

$5 Million can buy you a beautiful oceanfront home in california.
(there is no photographer listed)
unused, from 2013
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For Sale:  Florida Waterfront 
Home and Yacht...
Make Offer

'The Handyman Special!'
Photo:  M. Traver

postmarked in 2008

I have another postcard very similar to this one - -

For Sale!
Florida Waterfront Home and Yacht...
Make Offer

The Handyman Special
Photo by Mike Traver

postmarked in 2009


luvlinens said...

I bet it is a one time community called Stiltsville on the water by Miami. I think most of it was blown away years ago by Hurricane.
I did get a chance to check it out once before it was gone. It was a cool & bizare place. A group of dwellings built on stilts out in the middle of nowhere not to mention the water.

9teen87 said...

very interesting place! I googled it - thanks for the information :D