Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Factory of C.G. Conn Music Instruments in Elkhart, Indiana

Aerial view of factory, C.G. Conn Ltd., Elkhart, Indiana, world’s largest manufacturer of band and orchestra instruments.  Occupies more than 225,000 square feet of floor space and employs over 900 skilled craftsmen.  Capacity output of 7,000 complete instruments per month.

This real photo postcard is postmarked in 1957 with a machine stamp.

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C.G. Conn Ltd. was a United States manufacturer of musical instruments, especially brass instruments.

Assets of C.G. Conn were bought by Steinway Musical Instruments in 2000 and in January 2003 were merged with other Steinway properties into a subsidiary called Conn-Selmer. 


luvlinens said...

Interesting Post Card. Conn was always the leading name in band instruments that I remember growing up. Really big factory. Would you think we needed that many instruments a month?

Brenda Perez said...

Hello Luvlinens,

I do think they would need to make that many. Each year kids start band and their parents buy them an instrument. Yes, some rent, but the people who rent them out need to buy them too. Plus you have people like my husband who still play and he likes a new horn every now and then to play with ;-)