Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas

Located in Petit Jean State Park near Morrilton, Arkansas, this unusual rock formation forms a natural bridge along Seven hollows Trail.

This is postmarked with a 24 cent Common Buckeye stamp in 2007.

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How the park got its name:

According to legend Petit Jean was actually a young 18th century French woman. When she discovered that her fiance planned to explore the Louisiana Territory, she cut her hair, disguised herself as a boy and managed to find a position as a cabin boy. She survived the voyage and the expedition began their exploration. Once they had reached the area of the mountain, the young woman became ill, on her deathbed she revealed herself to her fiance, and was buried on the mountain, not under her own name, but under the name she had been known by on the ship "Little John".

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