Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fly Away With Me! (A Frog in Goggles)

 Fly away with me!

This frog wearing a scarf and goggles is postmarked in 2014 from the Netherlands.

Here’s a thought, people wear eye goggles to protect their eyes from things like bugs hitting them, and frogs eat bugs, so would this little guy lick his goggles clean after using them?
Netherlands (Nederland) stamp 2011
Denk Groen, Groene, (Think Green, Green)
Wereld 1 (World 1)


~~louise~~ said...

Very good point, Brenda. I would have to say yes; Frog turned froggy bug shield wiper, lol...Thanks for sharing this chuckle of the day:)

Brenda Perez said...

:D I enjoy the cards on your blog too.

~~louise~~ said...

Thanks Brenda, I need to do a post on some of my die-cut cookbooks soon. I think you would enjoy them:)