Monday, November 10, 2014

A Novelty Pop-up Postcard of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario Building

Legislative Assembly of Ontario
A Pop-Up Souvenir Card

Completed in 1893, the Legislative Building was praised for its modern design and mechanical innovation.  The architect, Richard A. Waite, was influenced by the Romanesque style of Northern Italy.  Characterized by walls of Credit Valley sandstone, semi-circular arches and ornate carvings and sculptures decorating the facade, the Legislative Building dominates the south-end of Queen's Park in the heart of downtown Toronto. 

This postcard is postmarked in 2014.  It has a USA Global stamp on it, however the *sender said she mailed it from Canada.  

Here is a video of how what this postcard looks like...
This is a picture of the postcard when it is opened.
- - -
Here is the back of the card.  
*It was sent to me by my good friend and author Yvonne Rieckhoff.  

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