Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Bicycle Tire Track, The Printing Bike in Germany

The Printing Bike
Bristol - Mainz 2014

Bristol, Mere, Poole, Cherbourg, Montebourg, Bayeux, Falaise, Le Mele sure Sarthe, Nogent le Retrou, Voves, Malesherbbes, Donnemarie-Dontilly, Romily sur Sein, Vitry le Francois, Vitry le Francois, Bar le Duc, Thaiuccourt-Regnieville, Bouzonville, Birkenfeld, Bad Kreuznach, Mainz

This postcard is printed in 1914 and mailed from Germany.

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This was a Kickstarter project with two guys (Nick Hand and Robin Mather) who built a bike with a printing press on it.  Then one of them went on the  journey and mailed postcards that were printed on the bike!
Germany (Deutschland) stamp 2013
50 Jahre (Years) Fehmarnsundbrucke (Fehmarn Sound Bridge) 75

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