Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo
Arrange-ceus da regiao central de Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo central area skyscrapers

The sender writes:
I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  It's the most populated Brazilian city with almost 12 million inhabitants. 

This postcard is postmarked in 2015 with three stamps.
25 anos aicep
 Associacao Internacional 
das Comunicacoes de 
expressao portuguesa, 3,15

The 25th Anniversary of the AICEP - Joint issue
- - - 
AICEP - Business Development Agency is a Portuguese public business entity with the main objectives of attracting foreign investment to Portugal and supporting the internationalization of Portuguese companies.
- - -
Brazil (Brasil) stamp 2002 
Musical Instruments 
Trompete (Trumpet)
- - -
Brazil (Brasil) stamp 2005 
Shoe Maker / Repair
Hector Consani 
R$ 0,20

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