Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Door of a Drying Barn 'Riihi" in Finland... read the translation!

The sender writes:

This is my own taken picture with my Nokia Lumia 920 and then made into a postcard.  My grand-fathers door to "Riihi", where seed was dried.  From year 1924 when they bought this farm, when my grandfather came back from Minnesota and Virginia.  He was there from 1913 to 1920.

This postcard is postmarked from Finland in 2015.

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When I received this card and saw the front I was a bit disappointed, it's a door.  And then I read the description.  Now I am very grateful for this postcard.  It is a unique card for sure!  I googled the word Riihi and there was only one true hit. It was on Wikipedia and in Finnish.  So I clicked the 'translate this' button and this came out.  . . . .

Drying Barn
Is-tank construction, in which before was dried and threshed grain. Cereals and dried parsille erected a supercharged lyhteinä (ahos, riihos) and were threshed on the floor (the main floor, in the country) by hitting Varsta using grains from the cobs. In some cases the grains were removed by pedaling. Riihimäki was built of logs salvomalla and tilkittiin (isolated) warm. Threshing Barn was the rarefied oven, parenting times the stove. Riihi the floor of either wooden floors (bridge), flat rock or clay flooring. The risk of fire due to brainstorm usually placed a little further away from residential buildings.

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I know many people from Finland and they are amazing for sure, but this is the worst translation I have ever seen!!  - haha - The risk of fire due to brainstorm... lol
The 100th Anniversary of the 
Birth of Toivo Kärki, 1915-1992
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Toivo Pietari Johannes Kärki was a Finnish composer, musician, music producer and arranger.


ONeal said...

Original photo...Super cool card!

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thanks O'Neal :D I agree