Thursday, August 25, 2016

Torun, Poland

Torun, Poland

Torun - Filus - dog statue, Town Hall, Panorama of Old Town from the Vistula river.

This is postmarked in 2015.

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ToruĊ„ is one of the oldest cities in Poland. In 1997 the medieval part of the city was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

National Geographic Polska rated the old town market and the Gothic town hall as one of the "30 Most Beautiful Places in the World."

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The dog's name is Filus.  He starred in a famous long-running Polish comic strip.
The 200th Anniversary of the 
Death of Jan Potocki, 1761-1815
5 ZL 
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and two of these...
Poland (Polska) stamp 2015
Grzybienie, Water Lily, 10 GR

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