Sunday, February 14, 2010

Finding Mr. Right

I think that
I shall Never See
A guy who's perfect just for me!
A man who's bright and doesn't bore me,
who has the good taste to adore me.
One who'll make my insides tingle, who is (dare I hope it?) single,
And who, if our lips should lock,
can send my hormones into shock!
A man whose passion doesn't wane when he finds out I've got a brain,
Yet one who'll flatter, charm and flirt
(a lot of money couldn't hurt!).
So if you see my Mr. Right, feel free to call me day or night!
And if he doesn't come alone--I'll consider Mr. wrong! -

This is a Hallmark postcard

postmarked in 1990 with 15 cent 'Buffalo Bill Cody' stamp

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