Friday, February 19, 2010

Tree on Court House Tower, Greensburg, Indiana

Court House Tower, Greensburg, Indiana

Lone Tree on Court House Tower,
Greensburg, Ind. is unparalleled in the world. The present tree is about 13 years old but one or more trees have been growing on this tower for over 50 years.


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The Decatur County Courthouse in Greensburg, Indiana, is known for a tree which grows from the top of the Courthouse Tower, giving Greensburg its nickname of the "Tree City.”

There have been one or more trees growing continually since the first tree was noticed in the early 1870’s. Later, other small trees appeared on the clock tower.
County officials were initially concerned that the trees would cause damage to the roof, and a steeplejack was hired in the 1880s to remove some of them. Two trees were left, with one ultimately growing to a height of nearly 15 feet. By the time it died, another tree had appeared.

Today, there are two trees on the tower.

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