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Florida Flamingo

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Every flamingo does not nest every year. When they do nest, they typically lay one large, white egg. The nest is built of mud, small stones, and feathers on the ground and is in the shape of a volcano. Mounds can be as high as 30 cm (12 in.). It can take a pair of flamingos up to six weeks to build their nest. Both parents will take turns incubating the egg for 26 to 31 days.
Newly hatched chicks have gray or white down feathers and a straight red bill. In these large colonies, parents can recognize their own chicks by their vocalizations (voice).

What do nestling flamingos eat?

Parent flamingos do not regurgitate food for their young the way most birds do. They feed their nestling a liquid substance called 'crop milk', a secretion of the upper digestive tract stimulated by the hormone prolactin. Crop milk is dark red in color and very high in fat and protein and is produced by both male and female birds.


Flamingos are social creatures, often living and breeding in large colonies.
Their most distinctive features are long legs and pink color.

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