Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dollars from the Bahamas

Dollars from the Bahamas

Thinking of you!

A popular Bahamian saying goes ... "May you alwasy have sand in your shoes and a dollar in your pocket!"
The Bahamian Dollar is on par with the U.S. Dollar. The $3 bill and the 15c coin make great souvenirs!

Photo: Linda M. Huber
John Hinde Curteich Inc.

This was bought in 2010 and has a Bahamas 55 cent 'Herald's Trumpet' flower stamp attached.


Bob Scotney said...

My eyes were not good enough to pick out the 15c coin!
The notes are all colourful and the stamps a beauty.

Joy said...

They would certainly brighten up any pocket, what nice notes, and pretty stamp.

Postcardy said...

Their money sure is a lot more colorful than ours.

viridian said...

I bet the 15 cent piece is the odd-shaped one. Thanks for participaitng!!!

9teen87 said...

I got the card and my handy dandy mega magnifying glass out.
The coins are:

1. 5 cents
2. 20 cents
3. 50 cents
4. one dollar
5. two dollars
6. does not say, so must be 15 c
7. 10 cents
8. 1 cent

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

Are those round things called sand dollars? I have it somewhere hidden in the recesses of my mind that sand dollars are sea creatures of some sort.

9teen87 said...

Hello Sheila,

Yes, they are an animal. I think it is a play on the word dollar for the postcard ... here is a sand dollar postcard from my blog as well .....


Anonymous said...

Hey everyone. I am from The Bahamas and thought I should help you guys with the coins. 9teen87 is almost completely correct.

The coins are:
1. 5 cents
2. 25 cents
3. 50 cents (very uncommon, mostly seen in collections)

4. One Dollar (also uncommon- I have never actually seen one aside from my father's collection)

5. Two Dollars (same as the one dollar in rarity)

6. 15 cents (uncommon)
7. 10 cents
8. 1 cent

Thanks guys for showing an interest in my country!

9teen87 said...

Thank you for posting! On a personal note, We LOVE the Bahamas. We go as often as we can :D (which is not often enough)