Thursday, October 28, 2010

M&M Candies

Catching Rays in Las Vegas (how would she be catching rays if it's night time?)

M&M Characters with
Metallic background

all bought in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2010

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In 1995 M&M's introduced computer animated "spokescandies" in their television commercials. These include the team of the cynical and sardonic "Red" (originally voiced by Jon Lovitz, thereafter Billy West), who is the mascot for milk chocolate M&M's, and the happy and gullible "Yellow" (originally John Goodman, thereafter J.K. Simmons), who is the mascot for peanut M&M's. Other mascots include the "cool one", Blue (originally Phil Hartman, thereafter Robb Pruitt) for almond; the seductive Green (Cree Summer) for peanut butter, mint, and dark chocolate (Green is the only female M&M's mascot); and the slightly neurotic Orange (Eric Kirchberger) for other types of M&M's in general, who was initially not named after his color (for a time when he was introduced, he was known as Crispy due to his being a mascot for the Crispy M&M's, which debuted around the same time.)

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